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Pros And Cons Of Technology

Technology Is Not Good Or Bad... It Depends On How We Use It

Technology Is Not Good Or Bad… It Depends On How We Use It

Technology in certain ways is a double edged sword, in the sense that many good things comes from technology as well as many bad things come from technology. Many people log on to the social networking site Facebook for months, does it mean that technology has taken us into its intangible bind? How can we break free of it? There is some unknown appeal that we find in it, that we love but cannot explain.

Is technology just limited to certain appliances?

An average person might say that without technology we might not be able to survive. But can technology provide us with food, shelter and clothing? When you think of it like this, technology is not just not computers – It is the knowledge of inter relationship between environment, lifestyle and society. Our daily lives revolve around computers, so when we think of technology we generally associate it to the various appliances we use each day like, TV, mobile phones, computers etc.

How can we survive without our iPhones, cameras, TV, laptops? Well, most certainly like our predecessors survived for years, they relied on community. Few countries like US can be called isolated, where people keep to themselves. But there is a big hole; instead, to create new things and make good use of them, we should invite each other. Not only that, we should be happy with what we have.

Brighter side of technology

Technology Is Making Our Lives Easier

Technology Is Making Our Lives Easier

Let’s look at the brighter side of technology; like in the medical field it has affected us for the better. For example machines make certain operations safer. There few risks involved in them and even prosthetics are made up using technology. But no matter how good things technology has to offer medically, there are various other things by which it can be fatal to human lives. In the above said example, if a machine malfunctions, it might be too late for a patient to survive.

At the onset of the last century, computers began their journey, with time many people began having their own personal computers. One good fact which rose then was that all the information and calculations came to human hands. The no. of people going to libraries reduced, with the ease of access to information because of technology. This helped human race to achieve larger goals in terms of better education, information sharing and entertainment.

Is technology making us more confined to ourselves?

Sometimes We Disconnect Ourselves From Real Life Because Of Technology Abuse

Sometimes We Disconnect Ourselves From Real Life Because Of Technology Abuse

In spite of this, technology has some serious negative aspects, especially on human health. Prolonged use of technology can lead to extreme dizziness and headaches. Regular use of social networking platforms like Myspace and Facebook, has led to serious addiction, isolating individuals from their family and friends. For some, their virtual or technological life is more important than their real lives, which could later become a serious mental issue.

Seeing all the pros and cons of technology it’s a dilemma to come to a conclusion. Undoubtedly, technology has unseen benefits and only time can unravel those. Only we have the knob to exercise control over its limits. The matter lies in our own hands, whether we choose to accept its utility in our lives.

Tips To Handle An Angry Partner

Tips To Handle An Angry Partner

Every relationship has its challenges and one of such challenges is handling a partner who is upset. This can be very challenging especially when you have no clue why your partner is upset. Sometimes what we have on the surface isn’t what is actually there. The situation that seems to trigger the hostility may only be an opportunity for your partner to pent up hostility and stored anger. You may think your partner is upset about the argument you two had the other day about money, or the toothpaste, or even the channel to watch. You will be wrong; these minor disagreements can be an expression of something deeper that your partner may not even be aware of.

Especially where communication isn’t deepened, it can really be hard to understand your partner who is upset. All you can do is to accept the fact that your partner is upset. But that doesn’t help it. As you go on from one misunderstanding to another, the tension only keeps building up and every argument you have had in the past will resurface every time your partner gets upset. When upsets accumulate, the bottom line will be an explosion of anger or suppression, which doesn’t help the relationship as one partner will come to the point where he or she says, “I am tired of this.”

So, how do you understand why your partner is upset?

Facing The Relationship Challenges

Facing The Relationship Challenges

Generally, people get easily upset and irritated when they are stressed. Your partner has been working extra hours, feeling tired, and when she comes home from work, she finds you just sitting in friend of the television like someone who doesn’t care at all. She thinks that you are not supportive, that you can’t appreciate her, and that you can’t understand how much she is suffering. This can be very frustrating and it can make her really get upset. You may think it’s the toothpaste, but hell no! It’s because you do not appreciate her.

You don’t handle people who are upset by saying, “This isn’t a big deal”

Evaluate The Situation And Try To Fix It

Evaluate The Situation And Try To Fix It

Of course, it is a big deal for them. So, you want to do something about it. One of the important things you should do is to apologize, even if you don’t understand why, because somewhere deep inside, you’re hurting your partner or neglecting him or her. Apologizing can open the path to dialogue. Be patient with your partner. You may not understand why she acts the way she does, but you can be sure that she is going through difficult times. If communication is deepened in your relationship, it will be easier for you to understand and handle your partner who easily gets upset.

It's Summertime... Are We Fit For Wearing A Swimming Suit?

It’s Summertime…Are You Ready To Put On A Swim Suit?

Summer is around the corner and it is time to start peeling the layers of clothes away and revealing the possible damage we have done to our bodies during the winter months. This is when we become vulnerable to the next diet fad.

Which diets work?

How on trend are diets when you consider there are so many? Each diet promises much of the same thing and that is weight loss. It is simply the road you choose to get to your goal that might mean you choosing one diet over the other.

Losing Weight is Mostly Logic

Today, most people are busy with their lives, they hold down responsible jobs, they have many kinds of different responsibilities and most importantly they are mobile.

This means that we are often far away from our fridges and the food we shopped for with eating ‘better’ in mind. Your pantry may be stocked with low fat, low sugar options, but these become history when you are at work or busy walking the city streets and hunger strikes. All good intentions fall out of the window.

The key with all diets is preparation and ease of use, as well as nutritional value. The best way to make a diet easier is to prepare the food well in advance. When hunger strikes any diet loses its ability to motivate us.

Have Food on Hand

Prepare Some Food In Advance And Take It To Work With You

Prepare Some Food In Advance And Take It To Work With You

If you cannot pack food in advance then consider a diet shake. You can carry a diet shake with you and use this to keep the hunger pains tamed. Once you drink a tasty shake you are less likely to give into a high calorie, high sodium take away for example. A diet should contain these basic six rules.

Simple Diet Tips That Make a Diet Work

1. Clean Food

Keep food clean. That means steam it, grill it or boil it. A little olive oil retained in its natural state is okay oil.

2. Reduce Carbohydrates

Reduce your carbohydrate intake particular at night. Yes, we all need carbohydrates but an excess of carbohydrates can cause increased levels in the blood. Higher levels of glucose cause toxicity in the body which will lead to weight gain and health issues. Understand sources of carbohydrates you might be surprised to find your veggie of choice is loaded with it.

3. Avoid Fats

Avoid animal fats and if you do eat meat grill it. The fat must run away from the food so it is not absorbed into the meat.

4. Avoid Sugar

Do not drink fizzy drinks. Pick water and limit fruit juice to your five a day rule. One small glass of fruit juice is considered one of your ‘five a day’.

Give sugar a fond wave goodbye. Sugar can cause all sorts of metabolic issues like the glucose mentioned above. Weight will become a side issue to health issues like heart attack and stroke. Enjoy natural sugars that are found in fruit.

5. Reduce Portions

Eat Small Portions

Eat Small Portions

People rarely overeat on green leafy vegetables. Keep your vegetable portion high and your lean protein medium then finally your carbohydrate lowest. Do not skimp on carbohydrates as this is the body’s energy. Find out which carbohydrates are good and, which one’s do not serve the body well. You want a slow releasing carbohydrate that makes you feel full for longer, minus the fat and oils of course.

6. Read food labels and learn to understand what labels are saying. The main things to watch for are fat content, sodium content and calorie content.


It is certainly not brain science in designing a diet that will make you lose weight. Following the simple rules above you are guaranteed not only of weight loss but also better health all round. Remember to do this day by day. If you fall off the wagon just keep on track immediately after doing that.

You Want To Be Rich... Follow This Tips

You Want To Be Rich… Follow These Tips

You must be extremely careful when it comes to your life and how you’re going to live it. Specifically, you need to think about how you’re going to plan your life in order to make more money.

You need to be cautious when thinking about how you’re going to become rich. For instance, take a look at Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. He has been an authority with regards to helping people learn about what they can do in order to make money and how to profit off of investments. However, he recently declared corporate bankruptcy as his empire started to crumble. Much of this came from how people were having a tough time with trusting in what he was offering to people who wanted help with learning how to make money.

The point is that your life would be at risk if you use the wrong ideas for getting your plans for earning money. You need to think about what you’re doing when trying to earn money and make a living if you actually want to go places with whatever it is you want.

Always Follow The Rules

Manage Your finances In Order To Stop Wasting Money

Manage Your finances In Order To Stop Wasting Money

If you want to keep from losing your money then you need to follow all the rules relating to keeping your business venture intact and ready to work. You will have to particularly think carefully about how you’re going to handle your money while following all the necessary rules relating to how to operate a business.

The failure of the petroleum company OGX is a great example of this. The company was originally growing in power and had become a viable company in terms of places that offer energy solutions and petroleum. However, the company failed to work with its bond payments and did not even do anything to handle legal statements properly. This included a failure to offer accurate financial statements to the public. In short, if you don’t follow the rules then you could harm yourself.

Be Able To Adapt

Next, you need to adapt to changes in society and the business culture or else you will fall behind. This consideration can particularly be through what happened with the New York City Opera. The opera organization filed for bankruptcy due to a lack of support and endowments from the public as well as concerns for paying off the pensions to those who had been associated with the organization in the past. This proved to be relatively difficult to manage over time and the opera organization has been forced into declaring bankruptcy as a result.

Abusing Your Money Is Dangerous

There’s also a need to avoid dealing with problems relating to your assets and how you spend them. It’s clear that many people who struggle with their money and go bankrupt are ones that tend to spend well beyond their means.

Enjoy Your Wealth But Be Careful

Enjoy Your Wealth But Be Careful

A good example of this comes from what developer Ted Raymond did in Massachusetts. He was secretly liquidating many of his assets when he was losing money, thus harming himself and keeping him from having control over his work. In fact, Raymond was accused of not even paying off some of his investors because he was too busy with his lifestyle in his luxurious places.

You need to be careful with yourself if you want to be wealthy. Always watch for what you do with your money and don’t abuse it or go against certain rules or else you will harm yourself.

The World's Economy Is Like A Living Being... All Interconnected Parts

The World’s Economy Is Like A Living Being… All Interconnected Parts

When the US economy took a sour turn, the whole world reacted. That is only fitting considering that the United States is such a powerful nation. But instead of just focusing on one country, let’s try to see how the global economy is doing. Will it be a good year for everyone or will things get worse and result into a real crisis?

Europe Is On Its Way To Recovery.

News about Europe coming back has been surfacing since summer of last year. Now that news is backed by data. It is clear that the entire continent is on its way to recovery.

Spain’s and Italy’s PMIs have never been this good since 2011. Germany is still solid. Moreover, Greece is coming back. Netherlands, Austria, and France have excellent PMIs. Even the United Kingdom is getting solid data. Countries in the eastern part of the continent are not left behind. Their numbers are just as strong.

China Is Not Falling Apart.

China Is One Of The Stronger Economies Today

China Is One Of The Stronger Economies Today

Some people think that China is about to fall apart. Others believe that the country is doing okay or perhaps it is just slowing a bit. In the early parts of 2013, many believe that China was going to have its downfall, but current data shows otherwise.

PMI data shows that the country is doing okay. It is not growing at excellent levels, but it is not also deteriorating. More importantly, recent data is much better than what people expected from this Asian nation.

The good news about China is that its government is very eager to have quality growth and not just growth from investing aggressively. They also want to eliminate corruption and create reform. A meltdown in China is surely not going to happen anytime soon.

Other Countries Are Experiencing Difficult Times.

Some countries are enduring pain. These countries used to have red-hot markets. India and Indonesia are dealing with poor economic data as well as stock markets and currencies that are dipping. PMI manufacturing reports are poor. Jakarta Market went down. It is not just about the current scene, but what will happen in the future. Will it become a real crisis?

The United States Is Doing Better.

United States Is Making A Come Back

United States Is Making A Come Back

The growth of the United States is a lot better than what was initially expected. Data from the previous year is stronger. There is improvement in the labor market. However, it is not known if the housing market is strong or not. Then again, all this information on the US economy is not that pleasing. The housing market is only getting run-of-the-mill data. Even the labor front is not performing that good.

Overall, the global economy is fine. The major economies are growing decently. Growth might not be at peak levels, but it is definitely better than having mediocre data and suffering from economic crisis. Moreover, this growth has not been seen since the global economic crisis started in 2008. Recovery may not happen overnight, but the current state of the world economy is good enough. Nevertheless, new geopolitical concerns are expected to rise, which will again spoil the good news.